Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beautiful Sexy Russian Brides Prefer Average Men

One thing that often worries guys about potential Russian brides, is the gorgeous photos they see.

They worry that the pictures they see are perhaps too good!

Not only "too good to be true", but perhaps "too good for me". On this particular subject there are some things you really should know.

If you think most of the photos look professional, and the girl "model like", you're right. It is normal for a Russian girl to not only want to look her best, but also to have professional photos taken of herself.

If you compare the profiles of ladies on a local dating site to those on sites promoting Russian ladies, you will quickly see a huge difference. Western women are generally content to use any old "happy snap" photo for their profile, whereas a Russian lady will only use a professional photo where she is dressed well and looking her best.

This is not just something done by dating sites or introduction agencies, rather it is a cultural thing. It is in their nature to take great pride in their appearance and be conscious of how others see and perceive them.

Most Russian ladies searching for a husband overseas are not looking for guys with movie star looks, nor are they looking for wealthy or "well-connected" men. In-fact, guys that are "too" good looking can often deter many of these ladies from responding to them.

Most of them are simply looking for "normal" or "average" guys, someone decent and likeable, with family values. So don't be intimidated by very good looking ladies, or even by their often high education levels, as they are usually not as demanding or "high-maintenance" as you may think.

Remember, you are thinking from your Western experiences. Throw those thoughts out the window, and get back to basics. Basics like age, mutual interests & goals, and, do you find her attractive?

If those things seem right, then go ahead and contact her. You will soon know if the feeling is mutual and then you simply take it from there. Think in general terms and don't get stuck on small details when reading profiles, just cover the basics initially.

Why complicate something that's really simpler than you may think!

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Russian Dating said...

Most of the Russian brides are seeking men with conservative values, who regard family as a high priority. Hence, men from western nations, such as the United States, are now in high demand by Russian women interested in dating.

Russian Brides said...

Really very true facts...I agree with you...